Thursday, 28 February 2008

My Santa Pengies..

These are my Santa Pengies.
I think they're little cuties. They were quite popular at Christmas and I made a fair few, but these little guys are left over.

I'm selling them as a set of 3 - at a SALE price - obviously, because it's not Christmas and there's no particular demand for them.

I feel they need a loving home. Hopefully within the next few days I should have some Easter Pengies, and some more exciting customised ones toooooo.... :)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

What I did Sunday...

On Sunday, I was at my boyfriend's house and I thought, hey, why don't we go back to mine and cut some trees down.

So we did.

The things you find in the old wood yard hey!

We went up to the little wood and we cut down a dead tree. The little beetle had been at it, as you can see from the picture on the right! But, the outcome was brilliant & very satisfying. We now have logs to last us until 2015. Ha. That's a bit of a lie, but still.

Good exercise. Good fun. Hardly a 'day of rest' though!

Caitlin :)

My working area :)

Currently my little Pengies are living in a corner of my room on a shelf. They are perfectly happy there as they are all snuggled up together, but in Summer, I am hoping to expand my Pengies business.
I am in fact a business woman :).
But yes, anyway, I'm hoping to find a bigger working space... somewhere. I am hoping to bring some of my ideas out of my head and into reality... somehow. Lastly, I am hoping to pump a little bit more money into Pengies and promote them! Any extra advertisement is wonderful and makes me ( & my Pengies very happy ), so this blog is great - especially when people make kind comments etc.
Anyway, this was really just to show you all where my Pengies live until they have their nice, warm homes with you guys!
Caitlin. :)

Monday, 11 February 2008

My little Pengies :)

These are my little treasures.

Each one is completely unique, and made with love.

I give them their little faces, their individual names & messages.

I love seeing pictures of them, I feel like they're little people.

Show some love, check out my Etsy at

Thanks everyone!


Our sheep Tarquin..

Always an inspiration.
Just look at his little face!

I took that photo & I'm proud.
It reminds me of my little Pengies & their stupid faces!

My very first blog!

I've been off today, and I have done nothing but sit in my Pyjamas and check Etsy. It feels as though Etsy now has my soul!

Luckily I am enjoying being a Newbie, and everyone is so friendly. I was trying to work out how to blog, what to say, who to tell... and finally I've worked it out.

I think it's nice to have somewhere else to ramble on!

Caitlin. X