Monday, 11 February 2008

My very first blog!

I've been off today, and I have done nothing but sit in my Pyjamas and check Etsy. It feels as though Etsy now has my soul!

Luckily I am enjoying being a Newbie, and everyone is so friendly. I was trying to work out how to blog, what to say, who to tell... and finally I've worked it out.

I think it's nice to have somewhere else to ramble on!

Caitlin. X


Distressing Delilah said...

Yes, etsy will wrap its handmade clutches around your soul and never let go...that's ok...because it's so much fun! Love your pengies!

Pengies said...

Oh thanks very much :) I was hoping it wasn't just me. Haha but it is a kind of extra world isn't it!

thecuriousrabbit said...

i love being a newbie and finding my feet here... everyone is fab!

hope you have a wonderful time!

MarDi said...

Congratulations on your new blog!

Pengies are adorable, and I'm sure you'll have wonderful Etsy success with them!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

congrats on the blog, pengies! i'll have to buy one of your little cuties at some point :).

- melissa

XUE said...

Caitlin, my blog is 1 week old. A fellow Etsy seller contacted me to say she would like to feature me & we're working on that together now. We are also getting to know each other better as she is really sincere & nice.
She found me through my blog :

So keep up the good work - it does lead somewhere. - xue