Monday, 11 February 2008

Our sheep Tarquin..

Always an inspiration.
Just look at his little face!

I took that photo & I'm proud.
It reminds me of my little Pengies & their stupid faces!


malevolent-mimi said...

Aww cutest nose ever!!! ^_^

Do you live on a farm or something?


BlenderBach said...

what an adorable picture!

Pengies said...

He's the cutest!

No I don't live on a farm. Well, kind of. It's a sort of - mini farm. 20 odd chickens, 8 sheep & 2 cats... and the odd mouse :)

soandsewcrafty said...

Tarquin is ADORABLE!

XUE said...

Caitlin, One of my fav movie is Babe ( about talking animals on a farm). This pix reminds me of that movie. -xue

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

awww, that picture makes me want to pet his little nose! :). how cute!